Royal Stay at Regal Place with luxury Hotel Alexandra

Hotels generally define the dignified existence of any place. They attract the tourism as they are one of the fundamental pillars helping in the rising of any place. You can measure the popularity of any place by means of their tourism and hence when it comes to tourism there is essentially required a hospitality which eventually comes with the hotel itself.
Hotel Alexandra is designed with breath taking ideas of infrastructure as it follows a complete retro approach of building. Only retro style architecture is designed here by the famous architect Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen hotel has served in prestigious manner. Contrary to that, there is provided all kinds of modernistic facilities and amenities to cherish your stay memories with the hotel the tastefully designed spacious rooms are enough to accommodate visitors and are prominently sufficient to provide all range of services. From ambiance till its small artifacts, everything is selected widely keeping the sagacity of place intact. The real Danish culture and tradition is reflected in every nook and corner of the place. The retro style ambiance gives you an ultimate feel of residing in a palace and not the least the touch of all the modish service leads you the topnotch level of comforts and opulence.

There is a multi cuisine restaurant which offers various delicious foods with tempting range of eateries which influentially tingle the taste bud the customers. It Is definitely an opulent Lifestyle Hotel In Copenhagen. Here one can soothe one’s senses and can relax with ultimate sophistication of staying in a hotel. It eventually gives you a perfect comfy stay while you are away from home.

The real Danish culture and tradition is kept maintained in all its units’ where you can have all the world class features to make you feel with perfect essence of lavishness. The true Design in Copenhagen Hotels are best describes at hotel Alexandra only. With high measures of luxury every room is fully equipped with all the excellent services. Out of 61 retro designs rooms you can select any of the desired specification as per your requirements. You can make your visit unforgettable at Alexandra in Copenhagen.

The best hospitality is guaranteed here with sheer luxury, which you never find elsewhere. Here you get superb class amenities to cheer up your stay after a hectic travelling. One can relax here with their unique mirage spa service to pamper your routine lifestyle. We at Alexandra take care of minutes things as well to gratify our customers with great bliss.