7 Awesome Ways to Enhance Your Business Meetings

Nobody likes a boring meeting. If your business is hosting dull lectures, training sessions, or conference room gatherings it’s time for a change. Luckily, there are simple and easy ways to improve your business meetings while ensuring your important guests and employees retain your valuable information. From getting focused to creating a multi media conference room, today’s article highlights the top 7 ways to improve your meetings in flash!
Get Focused

If you’re hosting a meeting of any kind, it’s supremely important to get your guests focused and in tune to the info you’re about to provide. While it sounds silly, staring your meeting with a quick stretching session will surprise your clients and get them woken up. How often have you been excited for a meeting? If you answered not too often you’re not alone! Rest assured your guests probably feel the same way. That lack of enthusiasm means a lack of focus and thus your information delivery is not fully hitting home. It’s important to start with a surprise factor, something out of the ordinary to set the mood. Get your employees and guest focused out of the gate in order to get your meeting off and running smoothly.

Food and Drink

Everyone loves a snack, and if you’re still searching for ways to get your guests focused, you can always resort to heavy doses of coffee. Bring in donuts, fruit, or other simple and inexpensive treats for your clients to enjoy. As most meetings are highlighted by minimal excitement, at the very least you’ll ensure your guests stay awake while eating. All jokes aside, fun ideas like pot luck meetings are a great way to improve on staff morale while simultaneously creating a more effective business gathering.

Brighten Up

Stop treating your conference area like a cave! If your meeting space has windows, open those bad boys up. Natural light is an invaluable source of energy sure to assist you in the pursuit of an entertaining meeting. Switching your office bulbs to low wattage models might not be a big conversation point with meeting guests but sure can save you a bundle on that pesky electric bill! Part of improving any business means budgeting, saving, and being as cost effective as possible. That being said, saving money on power means that regardless of your conference content you’re helping your company.


We’ve all sat through those 3 hour meetings where one person talks non stop. Needless to say this is not ideal. Part of hosting a quality meeting involves good communication with guests. Group activities, games, and prizes are all awesome ideas that should be incorporated when possible. Simply asking questions regularly is an effective tool for getting the team involved without making your serious meeting feel too much like a party.

Get Comfortable

Comfort plays a major role in meeting quality. Cozy guests are far more in tune than those spending the duration of your presentation fidgeting incessantly. If your businesses meeting area is out of date it might just be time for an upgrade. In 2013, several of the industries most reputable office product manufacturers have released incredible new contemporary furniture for conference room applications that are sure to impress your guests while providing optimal comfort. Meeting with a professional interior design team can provide helpful insight and ideas for improving your meeting space. Those with limited budgets will definitely want to make use of the free advice provided by any professional business furnishing provider worth their weight.

Go Ergo

Another key part of conference room comfort involves the use of modern ergonomics to improve meeting efficiency and productivity. The top chairs for conference room use manufactured by brands such as Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and Offices To Go all provide high quality features at prices any budget will appreciate. In addition to seating, other ergo products you should consider adding include mobile presentation boards, powered lecterns, and adjustable lighting.

Keep It Visual

Creating a multi media space is a great way to take your meeting potential to the next level. Studies have shown that most prefer visual learning to auditory methods. Keeping it visual in the conference room will greatly improve your chances of getting that important info to stick long term. From conference tables with power options to simple projectors, your meeting quality will be on a definite rise when visual materials are incorporated.